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. it had a rather problematic roll out. a senior officials say it is now easier to sign up, medicare chief telling a senate committee the site can process thousands of allyn't cas per hour, with almost no errors these days. the obama administration says lit running smoothly for most people by the end of november. the senate has now resumed debate on a major antidiscrimination bill. the employment nondiscrimination act would ban employers for discriminating against transgender americans. it is the first significant gay rights bill since that ban on gays openly serving in the military was done away with. we are learning more that a miami dolphins defensive lineman bully add fellow player, two people familiar with the situation telling the press that he said racist and threatening text messages to his teammate jonathan martin. he left the team last week, the dolphins have sus spented him indefinitely. hopes for talk on peace, now appear to be dashed or at least on hold for a while. leaders from russia, the u.s. and the u.n. couldn't agree on who should be at the table. the crisis is far worse
micah, and henry chow, one of the top technology officers to the center for medicare and medicaid services. listen in. >> obamacare was not ready from an i.t. operational and also from a security standpoint for primetime on october b 1s. were you aware of it? >> i was aware that there-- >> that was no high-- >> i said from an operational. >> i'm just trying to answer your question. >> a lot of questions like that. mr. chow and others from the administration insist they're working around the clock to fix the website. they couldn't say for certain whether it would be fixed and up and running by the end of the month as the white house promised, but 20 to 25,000 people can be on the website at one time. half of where they want it to be. >> lisa, if there was a theme from today's hearings, it was cybersecurity. new concerns in that arena? >> that is a new concern that has been raised. there has been some potential cyberattention. there will be a lot of personal information on the website. those who testified from asked were enough security checks done? i don't think lawmakers got the a
at folks that have employer based healthcare and i am looking at folks who have medicare and medicade and that accounts for the vast majority of americans. and for people that don't have any health insurance at all. that didn't apply. my commitment to them was that you will be able to get affordable healthcare for the first time. you have an individual market that accounts for 5% of the population and my working assumption was that the majority of those folks would find better policies at lower cost or the same cost in the market places and that the universe of folks that potentially would not find a better deal in the market place the grandfather clause would work sufficiently for them. and it didn't. and again, that is on us which is why -- that's on me and that is why i am trying to fix it. i said last week and i repeat. that is something i deeply regret because it's scary getting a cancellation notice. it's important to understand that out of that population typically, there is constant churn in that market. this market is not very stable and reliable for people. so, people have a
system and negatively impacted the long term solvency of the central health care programs like medicare. this global settlement resolves much major companies, now the settlement also addresses allegation he of conduct that -- allegations that recklessly but at risk children, the elderly and the disabled. >>> in u.k, authorities are hunting a leader of al shabaab. felicity. >> he was allowed to visit his mosque in west london, changed into a burka and vanished. >>> teresa may was summoned to parliament to disciplinarian how that has hatched. >> the police and security service have confirmed that this man does not provide a threat to the u.k. >> mohamed ahmed mohamed was subject to a t pin, it could keep him from meeting certain people or from traveling abroad. there are ten people who are currently subjected to t pins in the u.k. and this is the second time one of them have escaped police. replacing the much more restrictive control orders. well, alice carlyle, the independent reviewer of terrorist activity in the u.k. >> doesn't exist under t pins, we were told there would be increased
in the programs like medicare. >> one of the biggest hedge fund firms on wall street has been handed the biggest penalty for insider trading and capital advisors paid $1.8 billion and forced to plead guilty to charges and we have more from new york. >> a big day for u.s. attorney who got an admission of gift and a record-setting fine from a major wall street firm. >> no institution should rest easy in the belief that it's too big to jail. that is a moral hazard that a just society can ill afford. law enforcement should not shy away from holding institutions responsible when it's justified and necessary for both deterrence and accountability. >> reporter: the capital advisors plead guilty to five charges and agreed to pay $1.8 billion for a systematic insider trading scheme that took place between 1999-2010. six former sec traders plead guilty and cooperating with the government. two others are fighting indictments and awaiting trial and the agreement has no immunity for any individual including the company's billionaire owner steve coen facing a civil lawsuit from the securities and exchange co
act remains, saying the botched rollout is similar to the trouble with medicare part d. clinton said that, too was a disaster waiting to be fixed. >> "the new york times" is reporting some state-run exchanges are also having issues, ranging from not being able to pay for policies to wrong information about who can sign up. on line enrollment numbers for states are lower than analysts had projected. >> native american tribal leaders are sitting down with president obama today. they traveled to washington to discuss several issues, including health care, education and protecting native lands. libby joins us now live from washington. native americans are getting a face-to-face meeting with the president. they have a lot on their agenda, don't they? >> that's right, they certainly do, del. we saw tribal leaders meet privately with president obama yesterday and today he will address hundreds from around the country, more than 500 tribes are represented, everywhere from this area to alaska and hawaii. they have a lot of issues that are concerning to them, financial issues, first and foremo
in health care reform and compared the botched roll out to trouble with his medicare part-d which was introduced during the bush administration. president clinton saying, it too was a disaster and it too was fixed. but that is not stopped congress from seeking answers as to what went wrong. congress calling the tech guy behind the affordable care act, but he did not come willingly to testify. al jazerra's lisa stark on capitol hill, lisa subsubs s*u s complying. >> reporter: pwaerpblgingbadgers witnesses remember sans saying they are just trying to get answers. why is it such a mess. one person tying is todd park the chief technology experiment he is here under is pena, he's trying to fix the website he admitted volume was a problem when if launch but it was not the only issue. >> as you do more pain-staking diagnosis you learn more about what you need to do to fix it. i can say now in addition to volume other key issues have to be addressed with the site in terms of its performance, stability, functionality and there are aggressive efforts happening to do that. we are make great
cancer. we wish him a speed which recover. >> the centers of medicare and medicaid, the republican chair of the house ways and means committee issued the subpoena. well, hopes for peace in syria appear to be dashed. diplomats fail to afree on a day to bring both sides in the syrian war to the table. they're striving to have a conference by the end of the year. in syria th, nearly 9.5 people living in the country need help. 6.5 million syrians are currently homeless. 2 million people have left the country, and 4 million more are internally displaced. >> reporter: more than 40% of syrian's population now relies on outside help to survive. and the situation is getting worse. u.n. estimates the figure will rise to half the population will be in need of aid by year's end. >> it is not one single event that has caused this. it is a gradual increase because the conflict continues to deteriorate day after day, hour by hour. >> the two and a half years of civil war have left many syrians without proper sanitation facilities, sufficient food or access to medical help. of those who have fled to nei
congressional committee heard from the center for medicaid and medicare that some of those technical glitches have been fixed and people can enroll almost with no errors, of course, almost being the catchy word there. >> what was the president's message, today, sign up? >> it certainly was. really a pep to be john for these volunteers who have been on the front line of these frustrations for the website. the president was also trying to refocus the attention away from the negativity with these glitches and the criticism and back to the people that he says this lanes will help. notably there was one element missing from any of the comments today, the president did not address some of the frustrations that we've heard from people receiving cancellation notices from their current plans. 3.5 million people across the country saying that has been the case for them. while texas's republican governor rick perry didn't hesitate to talk about that point in a statement he released immediately after obama's visit, he said that president obama deceived the american people by promising that anyone who lik
for medicare and medicaid services which oversaw the roll out of stepped down. he has moved to the private sector. this may be the first person who will take the hit for how this has gone on. >> are committee members placing all the blame on secretary sebelius? >> she got serious questioning from someone from her home state, senator pat roberts, someone who supported her in the past. he even supported her when she became of the obama cabinet. however, his tune has changed in the last couple of weeks, and he's one of the leading voices calling for her to step down. >> you have said america should hold you accountable which is why today, madam secretary, i repeat my request for you to resign. >> reporter: you hear a sense of the drum beat on capitol hill. the white house says they need sebelius to stay in her job so the problems can be fixed. >> libby casey on capitol hill for us. thank you. >> thanks. >> as you have been hearing, we're still waiting on the price of those twitter shares to be set. the social media site starts trading. ali velshi will be talking about this and
the board budget cuts known as sequestration hit tribes in many ways. they left alone medicaid and medicare but major overexcite it didn't exempt the departments that help american independence. >> for indian country these cuts mean 3,000 fewer inpatient admissions, and unconsciousbly 804,000 fewer outpatient visits for ihs patients. 804,000 trips that should be to the doctor or to see a nurse or to keep people healthy have been cut. we need your help to talk to congress. it's congress who have to take action on a realistic budget and getting rid of sequestration and avoid the next set of cuts having the same impact. >> the sequester should not affect indian country. we should be fully funded in this land. >> today we declare that we must never forget, we must never deny the injust that for decades upon decades was inflicted on native peoples, and we affirm that this painful past has informed and given rise to a sustained period of corporation and self determination. >> reporter: unless congress approves the funding for indian country for the federally recognized tribes all the plans may be
. implementation of the medicare modernisation of drug roll out. we looked at beta testing six months in advance. it's not easy to do it's complicated. >> there's a keep your health care plan act, allowing americans to keep existing coverage throughout 2014 without penalties, is this the way it's headed in congress? >> it's an interesting question with the upton legislation. if the administration doesn't come up with a fix before friday, when the upthing is voted on, a lot of democrats will vote with upton. >> we heard from bill clinton, he said that the americans should be able to keep their plans. >> yes, that is what he said. a lot are getting nervous about that. with the numbers - one thing to think about, they spent 6 million on the website. there's only about 23,000 - 23,000-25,000 signing up. >> we are talking about 23,000 per person signing up. >> is this - could this be the death knell for this law? >> you know, i agree with you that it's early. i don't know what death knell for the law means. if it means the law will be ridiculed and the website not respected - that's happened. the lat
, or medicare, they had these individual plans that sounded good, but often times if they got sick, weren't there when they needed them. and a lot of americans over the years have gone bankrupt from these policies because if they were diagnosed with a serious condition, the policy simply didn't cover the care. >> soy asked earlier, if this is the fix for the moment, do you think there will be legislation necessary to -- for a more permanence fix? >> well, the house is considering legislation tomorrow. and certainly you have democrats in the senate, there are several bills in the senate moving forward. by at the end of the day, if you are trying to create a healthcare system that moves people out of these crappy if you will individual plans and into more comprehensive policies, then at some point there has to be a transition, with people say goodbye -- >> why didn't he explain it better? >> iraqi think they feel like they are under siege. they are being attacked by democrats, by republicans, and it's tough. it is a hard issue to talk about. and it's a hard issue to get across in a soundbit
the board budget cuts known as see quick trace hit tribes in painful ways. they left plans like medicare and medicaid but a major oversight t didn't exempt helping american indians. >> for indian country, these cuts mean 3,000 fewer in-patient admissions. and unconscionabley 800,000 fewer out-patient visits for ihs visits, 804,000 trips that should be to the doctor or to see a nurse or to keep people healthvy been cut. we need your help to talk to congress. it's congress who has to take action on a realistic budget, getting rid of sequestration and preventing the next round of arbitrary cuts from having a potentially devastating impact. >> rose bud sioux saysa the u.s. government cannot shirk its responsibility to tribes. >> sequester should not affect indian country. we should be fully funded at all times. we are the first people of this land. >> harder than proving the relationship with american indians, the past mistakes? >> today we declare we must never forget. we must never deny the injustice that for decades upon decades was inflicted on native peoples. we affirm that this painful
today at a hearing for the troubled health care website. the head of medicaid and medicare testified tuesday. the users are now able to create accounts. can pros nearly 14,000 registrations an hour. >> it is important to remember that the website is in fact working and more people are applying and enrolling each week. in addition to the website, there are other ways for consumers to approach >> the government will reach out to those who had problems with the system. her testimony came amid a flurry of reports about trouble with the site. >> secretary of state john kerry plans to meet separately with prime minister netanyahu and pal tin yell president trying to breathe into life into the stalled mideast negotiations. >> i come here to work with the leaders, the prime minister and leader of the palestinian authority to move forward so that israel can live the dream. >> we have more now from bethlehem. >> secretary of state john kerry is here to try to bring the pal stipian and israeli negotiators closer after direct talks started and were relaunched betwe
and medicare part d. clinton said it was a disaster and they fixed it. some of the online state-run insurance exchanges are plagued with technical problems. issues raise from not being able to pay for policies. online enrolments are lower than analysts projected. >> a push for congress over iran's nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry will ask the senate banking committee to hold off on new sanctions for the country. we are asking for a pause, a temporary pause in sanctions. we are not taking away sanctions. we are not rolling things back. this is about ensuring our legislative and negotiating strategy are running hand in hand. iran, the u.s. and other world powers failed to reach on agreement last week in geneva, but kerry spects a deal within months. israel abruptly suspends plans to build 20,000 settlements in the west bank. the prime minister says it would cause friction. tom ackerman plains with palestinians and the u.s. don't like the idea. >> money was approved for the stage of construction planning in the contentious areas of the woing by the israeli government. >> palestinia
>> medicare. >> medicare, social security, all the big issues. when we can't do the small stuff it really, on this thanksgiving day, we live in the greatest country in the world. we should figure out how to work together. >> by the end of the year, in a month and a half. there are unfinished issues - medical reimbursements. do you think congress will address these things or there'll be temporary stop gap measures. >> you'll see the temporary stop gap measures. we'll bump up against the debt ceiling without a fiscal plan. it's almost you have to lock them in the room. nothing gets down. the american people at some point. there needs to be an uprising. >> the ballot box is there.. >> what you have is inherent re-election because of the perks of the office. you are raising money in a daily basis. $10,000 a day. that's what they raise, the average person cannot compete with that. >> that's another issue, thank you for coming in. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> an outbreak of violence in the central african republic. it's called the forgotten crisis. the secretary-general says the area i
survivors, badly injured people still do not have access to needed medicare care. >> my daughters wounds are open and bad. it needs to be operated on, but she cannot be transferred to another hospital, because there is no transportation. >> no transportation because the storm smashed cars and trashed roads. power is cut off to many areas, and communication lines are till down, making it impossible to get in touch with family. >> please tell my family i'm alive. >> that includes american tourists. >> it is not a good idea for me to be here anymore. the fewer people that are here, the easier relief will be. i've got to tell my family i'm alive and there's no communication here at all. >> soldiers are clearing paths to the debris for relief to get to the needed areas. they estimate 2.5 million people need food. for many, the situation is desperate. >> it is very dangerous. they are looting for food, and people were stealing everything, everything that they can. >> i heard looters have killed seven security guards. >> the mayor of tacloban said people need to realize a sad truth. >> people h
health insurance. act visits are pushing the state of new york. medicare won't cover expenses for gender reassignment. >> it's not right. there are so many barriers. >> this nurse practitioner says lack of care explains why many transgender people attempted or committed used. >> 41% of transgender discrimination reported and that rate amongst the general population is 1.6%. our lives have value, people need to understand that. by sharing perupset tifs it's hoped in time people will. >> acts of violents are prevalent against transgender individuals. transgender europe says 1200 have been murdered across the contintent since 2008. 200 have been killed around the world last year. a u.s. security deal needs the approval of afghanistan tribal's leaders. al jazeera looks at the elders and its pivotal roll in keeping north america in afghanistan past 2014. >> and a tough law helping go after cyber offenders. >> and 50 years after john f. kennedy's assassination. >> i'm john henry smith - late wednesday night tigers and rangers fired up the byrners. details coming up in sports. details coming up
the political landscapes with welfare legislation, medicare legislation answered changed the nature of how government interacted with people throughout the country. all of those programs had their foundation in the kennedy administration. perhaps, perhaps, kennedy might have been able to push forward similar legislation, though i think not as much as johnson ultimately got. >> you believe j.f.k. might have achieved more in death than in life, correct? >> yes, it's a sad irony here that johnson was able to get his legislation passed, this massive sweeping great society legislation in large part because he was able to use the foundation of a memory of a dead and martyred dead president. if you couldn't be persuaded to vote passage for those bills because they were the right thing to do, because of lyndon johnson's persuasion, he had one extra trick up mischief, to say do this for the legacy of our dead president. that would allow him to get the votes he needed to push legislation through. so kennedy, i think had he lived would have pursued similar legislation, but it's unclear to me he would
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